Meet Chelsea

I'm a God fearing California girl, housewife, and recent college grad. My passions in life (other than domesticity of course) are non-profit work and photography. I've been married to my handsome husband for 7 years and it just keeps getting better every day. I love my family, I love my pets, and I love my life!!

In addition to the time I spend with family and friends, my days are made up of work, work, work, community service, photography, travel, baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, and insane organizing/labeling.  Yes, work has three mentions in that last sentence - I wear many hats these days.  I'm a private tutor, substitute teacher, and the President & Scholarship Director for a national non-profit corporation.  When needed, I also help my family with a small publishing company.  So how do I have any time for hobbies?  Good question...I'll have to get back to you!

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