Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farmer and the Dale

I am too excited not to share this! We signed up yesterday with a local organization called Farmer and the Dale. What is this? Farmer and the Dale will deliver to our home a big box of local fresh produce every other week (we can do it every week if we choose, too). Unlike the other organizations we had heard of, Farmer and the Dale lets us choose exactly what we want delivered. I can log in each week and pick the produce I want to be delivered the next week. Everything is grown locally and the vast majority of it is organic. The quality of the produce is amazing and the price is fabulous! Hope you all have something like this in your own home towns! I cannot wait to dig into the first box next week and make some yummy foods (read, we are craving that peach cobbler again).

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  1. I wish I could find this here!! We have lots of harvest boxes and things we can subscribe to- but I havent seen anything that lets us chose what we want. VERY cool!


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