Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wipe Board Maddness

As the title of this post infers, I am slightly mad about wipe boards. It started with a small simple wipe board for the refrigerator door. On the top half of it I have three columns (one for a grocery list, one for Costco, and one for "other"). And on the bottom half, I write the menu for the week.
I have also been known to decorate the empty space for each corresponding holiday or season (shocker). Pardon the messiness of the picture (this is my actual wipe board).

Because the fridge wipe board was such a help, I branched out for more! The next addition to my kitchen was a monthly wipe board, much like this one by Real Simple. This has been a huge help to keeping track of our crazy schedules. I write all of my husband's appointments and his work schedule in green (his favorite color). I write all of my own stuff in blue (my favorite color). And everything else (parties, birthdays, anniversaries, reminders) are written in red. It's a great way to track who is supposed to be where and when. And it helps me to remember when I need to send out birthday or anniversary cards. It was a cheap and simple addition, but it is insanely beneficial to our household organization.

And because we both have so much to balance, I have added a third wipe board to our kitchen. It's a weekly wipe board, just like this one by The Board Dudes. On Sunday night, I sit down and write out the tasks and appointments we each have for each day of the upcoming week. Again, his are in green and mine are in blue. This simple board and the 10 minutes it takes to fill out each week has been my saving grace most days. When I was working full time and going to school full time, this kept me totally on track. It makes it easy to see what days you have a larger work load, and it makes it easy to move things ahead to other days if needed.

I am still on the hunt for any other boards that might help with our home/life organization and communication. But for now, these three boards are essential to me functioning normally! If you have busy lives and crazy schedules, I highly recommend you look into something similar for your own home.


  1. I have a wipe board for my eldest child. I have a schedule on one side and a chores list on the other. I have one magnet for the schedule so he can follow the time and know what he needs to be doing, and i have a magnet on each chores on the other side. Each time he completes a chore he gets to move that magnet to the "good boy box" which is located at the bottom of the board. Then he gets to earn things like computer time or tv time (as he doesn't really get to do either unless he earns it) or a special trip to the park of his choice or he gets to pick something from the "other good boy box." All of those require a certain number of magnets, I through in random harder chores that he can complete but doesn't have to so that he can earn a something from the good boy box. And the good boy box is full of random, inexpensive things that he asks for when we're out shopping like balls or crayons or coloring books or actual books, he's reading the magic treehouse series. Yep. Not completely the same, but I LOVE wipe boards!

  2. Fantastic idea, Emma! Love it! If we had kids, I'd do the same for them!

  3. I <3 wipe boards too. we traded our monthly one for a regular calendar this year- and its SO not the same. We will certainly be going back to the monthly one next year. And I REALLY need one for the fridge!!! Good idea... target here I come!


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