Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeling Crafty #1: Felt Flowers & Wreaths

As I stated in my last post, Pinterest has quickly become my new best friend!  It is there that I found my inspiration for the new end of Summer/beginning of Fall transitional wreaths for my front door.  I wanted something the eluded to the coming change in season, but not something that screamed Autumn.  These, in my humble opinion, are perfect! (Disclaimer, I took the photos with my phone, so they are not the most fabulous.  Such is life.)

I made this one first, but decided it needed to go on the inside of the door.
Then I made this one (after I disassembled an old wreath that was majorly lacking in beauty).  It's perfect for the outside of the door.

They were both easy to make.  For the first wreath, I took a cheap foam wreath form, then wrapped it with felt I cut in 1 inch strips.  To hold the strips in place, I just stapled them on the back of the wreath, making sure to overlap them for better coverage.

For both wreaths, I just hot glued my felt flowers and leaves on and voila!  Told you that was easy!

OK OK, you want to know how to make those cute wittle felt flowers, right?  Those are easy, too!  Just take your felt and cut it into a circle.  You can vary the sizes.  I used a CD to trace some circles, a candle to trace some smaller circles, and just winged it on the smallest.  Then take your circle and cut it into a swirl:
Then, starting with the outside tail, start wrapping it around itself.  Work your way to the inside tail, then tuck that under and hot glue it in place.

I felt like experimenting with the method, so I also used different shapes for my felt.  I did some out of squares and some with circles with wavy lines.  

Some turned out better than others, but I loved that they all looked unique (just like in nature).

Even my husband helped a bit (OK, he only made one flower). Any-who, my front door - inside and out - now looks so pretty and ready for the seasons to change.  And, I am not obsessed with making little felt flowers - time for headbands and hairclips and bracelets and embellishments for shirts and and and...


  1. very cute!i love how easy the flowers are to make but they look like they took a lot of work.

  2. oh gosh! cute! cute! and more cute!!! I LOVE THEM!


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