Friday, March 26, 2010

Idea Binder

What's an idea binder? Well, really it's quite simple. I have a fond fascination with certain magazines - Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, and of course Martha Stewart Living. I scour the pages for great cleaning tips, decorating ideas, gardening advice, recipes, shopping sites, coupons, etc. When I find something I want to keep, I dog ear the page so I remember where to find it. At first, I would just keep the original magazines, all in a pretty row on my bookcase. But oh how quickly the row grew! So, I devised a new plan. Each time I finish a magazine, I go back through and rip/cut out all of the pages with the ideas I want to keep. Then I file the coupons in my coupon organizer, the recipes in my recipe binder, and the tips/ideas in a handy dandy idea binder. I have sections for gardening, holidays, decorating, shopping, etc. It has been a huge space and time saver for me just in the few months since I implemented it. And it's something simple I thought I'd pass on to those of you who might possibly have the same problem!

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