Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remembering Our Heroes

In honor of Memorial Day, no new posts will be published on Monday. I will spend the day with my family, honoring the sacrifices made by every person who has ever served in our military. Thank you to my nephews for deciding to dedicate themselves to serving in the Army. Thank you to my grandfathers for their service. Thank you to all of our military members, past and present. Thank you to every military family for every sacrifice you must also give.

And finally, thank you to those who have given everything they have, to protect everything we have. Your service, integrity, and honor will never be forgotten.

Marine Lance Corporal Jared P. Hubbard
Marine Corporal Jeremiah A. Baro
Marine Lance Corporal Anthony E. Butterfield
Army Corporal Nathan C. Hubbard
Air Force Senior Airman Nicholas D. Eischen

All photos are sole property of C. Spencer copyright 2010, and may not be used without the owner's written consent.

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