Thursday, May 27, 2010

If you're going to buy it anyway...

...then why not get something back? For several years I have been hooked on using to earn additional air miles when I shop online. My philosophy was this: If I am going to buy something online anyway, I might as well take one extra step and get something extra for my shopping. The AAdvantage site offers tons of partner stores where you get a certain amount of air miles per dollar you spend. You just have to go to that main site first, then click on the store you want to shop with. Some stores even offer 10 miles per dollar you spend. And with partners like Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, and Macys (just to name a few), you can quickly add to your air miles account when doing your regular online shopping.

I was totally hooked on this site until a week ago. That's why my sister turned me on to And wow, I am loving it! They offer all the same partner shops, and then some. And you get cash rebates and coupons for shopping through them. One of my recent purchases is even giving me 12% cash back! They mail you a check or deposit your earnings in your PayPal account every few months. My sister has already received her first few checks. I am excited to get something tangible back when I do my online shopping, and I thought you would all love to try it to!

I'd love to know what sites you use for your online shopping! Please post your reviews/tips as a comment!!

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  1. I have been a member of ebates for ages and havent actually used it. The friend who turned me on to it uses it frequently and gets tons of money back! (ok, not TONS exactly- but quite a bit considering she was buying it anyway!)


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