Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homemade Christmas Challenge

Since the hubster and I are working hard to pay off all our debt and save up for the property we would like to buy, we have been looking for ways to trim the fat and save in places we hadn't considered before. When we were first married, we were on one tiny income and I made all the Christmas gifts that year. We have never been extravagant Christmas givers, but we have always liked to get something special for each other, our family, and our friends. This year, we're going back to those newlywed basics. So I have challenged myself to have a completely homemade Christmas in 2011.

What does that mean? Well, all gifts and decorations will be homemade. I usually bake like a fool during the holidays. But it's time to expand and make all our gifts from scratch. I have an entire office full of crafting supplies and the beautiful work of the bloggers who've gone before me to spur my idea generator. And I have already started my work today! Yes, I know it's only June, but the first project takes a good 6 months to complete. I know money is tight for many of us, so I wanted to share my challenge with you and see who else is willing to join in. Anyone else want to take the Homemade Christmas Challenge for 2011?

I'd love to have a group of us to share ideas and insight and to keep each other accountable. Post here if you're interested. Or contact me on FB or through email my{dot}domestic{dot}adventures(at)gmail{dot}com. I can't wait to see what we can create!


  1. Ok I have some ideas, home made lemon chello( citrus liquor), and I saw the cutest napkin holders , beaded to look like coral, it could have fun with different paturns.


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