Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas Challenge Update #1

Well folks, it's been just over a month since I started on my Homemade Christmas Challenge journey! Thank you to everyone who has joined in the fun already - there's still time to jump on board the train. I am pretty pleased with my progress so far. I've made the master plan of what I am making and who will be receiving each thing. I've started the project that takes 5-6 months to complete. I have picked up the materials for several of my other projects. And I have done some practice on some of the items to make sure I can actually make them. I've been researching and researching the things I am making to find the best instructions and recipes. And overall, I'm having a great time learning from the others who have joined the challenge. I am still excited about this whole challenge and I cannot wait to see the things everyone else makes. If you want to join in, email me at my(dot)domestic(dot)adventures{at}gmail(dot)com and we'll get you plugged in!

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