Monday, July 18, 2011

Help my awkward fireplace!

I need help! We have an awkward fireplace. I mean AWKWARD, folks! It's in an odd spot in our family room (traffic from the front door walks right past it into the dining room) and it's an odd shape (open on the front and left side), and the upper part is curved on one side. Plus our ceilings are super high in this room, so that curve is tall.

Yeah, I told you it was awkward!

We have just repainted the family room a nice neutral tan color and my fabulous dad build that beautiful mantel piece for us (it used to just be an uneven shallow plastered ledge). But now I don't know what to do with it. I want it to scream, "I'm gorgeous!" OK, I'd even settle for it mumbling, "I'm not awkward." How do I decorate this thing? Help! I'll take any input y'all can offer - I'm plumb out of inspiration here. Any ideas?

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  1. i know im a little late here, but i was out of town...

    i think on the left corner where the wall scoops down, you need something tall-ish. to help even out that part... ill look around and see what i can come up with!


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