Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You tell me!

A fabulous friend suggested I open up the proverbial floor to questions. So I am doing just that. Is there any question or problem I can help you with? Is there anything specific you'd like me to post about? Any recipes or tips you'd like? You're all the reason I write this blog, so you tell me what I can do for you! I am in no means an expert on anything, but I'm willing to share whatever information I have crammed into my brain. So ask away!!


  1. Hey Chels
    Give us some photog tips. I love taking pics!
    ~Missy H.

  2. I'd like to know what to plant, what time of year... I have nothing... even my grass is ugly. I want some color, some flowers that will last all year and maybe some tips on starting a veggie garden. I don't know if my thumbs are green or black, because I don't have ANY plants for flowers. Not even inside the house. :/


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