Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Laundry - Our least favorite chore

I know I am not the only one who feels like she is always doing some sort of laundry task. I mean really, it seems like I just finish putting all the clean stuff away and I already have another load to wash. So lately I have been trying to streamline the boring chore of laundry. Real Simple has some great starting tips for busy families. Probably the greatest tip of all, and the one I have been using successfully, is to spread out the task over the week. Instead of trying to do one massive laundry day, which means I am tethered to my laundry room for hours and hours, I have put our house on a laundry cycle. I do clothes on Tuesday/Wednesday, sheets on Thursday, towels on Friday, and a miscellaneous load or two on the weekends. This has greatly decreased my laundry related stress, and made it easier to manage the linens in our home.
Now, if anyone has some great ideas on how to make laundry better/easier, I'd love to hear them. Oh, and should any of you know where to find that elusive laundry fairy, please please let me know! I'll pay top dollar for her!

Warning: If you live in our house, this could happen to you!

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